Reliance Jewels Gold Rate Today

When it comes to buying gold jewellery in modern designs, one can not ignore the collection at Reliance Jewels. They have 54 stores all over India in major cities where they offer widest range of gold jewellery in stunning designs. Their guarantee of purity and quality of gold is what sets them apart from local jewellers and their skilled representatives makes your shopping experience a pleasant one, by assisting you in selecting the jewellery you want to purchase.

gold rate at reliance jewels

The reason why Reliance Jewels is a reliable brand name in gold jewellery market is because they guarantees absolutely 100% purity because they only offer jewellery made with BIS Hallmarked gold, therefore there is no concern of getting less pure gold by any means. On the other side Reliance Jewels Gold Rate offered at all their stores is based on current market price and majority of their stores have a live feed terminal where they display today’s gold price updated every minute, therefore you’ll get an accurate price quote every time.

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Date 22 Carat (Per 10 Gms.) 24 Carat (Per 10 Gms.)
Today's Price Rs. 28780/- Rs. 30780.75/-

The factor that makes them a reliable brand is the Independent Certification Laboratories certifications they provide for diamond quality, which ensures absolute purity of gold and diamonds you buy from reliance jewels. All their stores countrywide offer you free gold purity checking meter which is known as “Karat Meter” at free of cost. They also have a separate room in their stores where you get free services such as gold jewellery cleaning, repair work and polishing. So, if you are selling your old gold jewellery, they will measure its quality and weight and then burn it with their equipment to melt it down.

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Their price structure is completely transparent, and offers their jewellery designs at most competitive pricing which makes them one of the top companies in gold jewellery market in India. Even though they have the widest range of designs and their collection consist of modern designs, but still sometimes you may not like them, and for such customers they also offer customized jewellery making service so that you can have your own specific design.

With a wide range of exquisitely created jewellery design in gold, platinum and diamond, Reliance jewels can be your ultimate choice if you are searching for bridal jewellery. Their designs are created by designers who hails from north to south and west to eastern parts of the country. The most impressive part of their collection is the diversity of designs such as Rajasthani Kundan, Temple Jewellery, Delicate Filigree, Nakashi and Junagarhi Polki. On the other side, their diamond collection is equally impressive with offering of diamonds such as Solitaire Illusions, Enigmatic Iris, and hundreds of color stones and pearls.

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From customer’s point of view, buying your gold jewellery at Reliance Jewels is a great experience with their transparent and ethical policies that safeguards you from potential scams you may face at other jewellery shops. Their buyback and exchange policy is completely transparent as you can read on their websites and agreement documents which makes it easier for you to understand that what you’re paying for the jewellery is worth it. Undoubtedly, the jewellery you get from their stores is backed with quality and trust. At any of Reliance Jewels’ stores you will have wide range of jewellery design collection for rings, chains, leg chains, necklaces, nose-rings, bangles, gold coins, bullion/biscuits and bracelets.

At Reliance Jewels you always get the benefit of availing free services of jewellery cleaning and polishing which are value added services for the customers without any charges. You don’t even need to have reliance sold jewellery, as they provide it free for any gold jewellery. On the other hand you also get free purity check test of your gold jewellery without any extra charges.

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Reliance Jewels also offers gold jewellery buying schemes which you can use to buy new designs by exchanging your old jewellery that you no longer need. They have a special “Golden Steps Jewellery Scheme” in which you just have to pay for 11 months and you get 1 month for free. Some of the most popular Reliance Jewels stores are located in cities like Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Bhubaneswar where you can buy diamonds, platinum and gold at lowest possible rates that are very competitive.