Do You Know About Gold Scrap Found in Different Items?

Do You Know About Gold Scrap Found in Different Items?

Scrap Gold in Electronic ItemsYou may not be aware of it, but there are daily life items that make use of gold scrap in them. For example do you know that a normal smartphone or mobile device has scrap gold used in it that is valued at $1? Even though the quantity used of scrap gold is extremely low but it is used in making of electronic items, Jewellery and also used in dental work as well. Interesting part is that you can sell this scrap gold to scrap buyers who will offer you good money based on carat and weight measurement of the gold. You may not be aware of them but chances are, you may have daily used household electronic items that contains very low amount of scrap gold in them, and if they are damaged and not used anymore, you can sell the scrap gold part for decent money.

Used in Dental Work:

The reason why dental caps, fillings, crowns and bridges are expensive is because they all have small amount of scrap gold used in them for making, however the purity measures are generally 16 carat. On top of it, the gold used is the alloy of other metals such as zinc, silver, and copper. Other metals are used to make the structure strong enough to bite with it. However, these days dentists usually avoid using gold in their dental work.

Electronic Items:

Do you know that there is enough gold alloy you can get out of 150-200 mobile devices to make a gold ring out of it? Interesting, isn’t it? The reason why gold scrap is used in majority of electronic devices is to use it for contact plating for circuit boards and switches. It means that a regular GPS device, mobile phone, Radio or a laptop computer has gold used in it to build the contact plating. Quality of gold used in electronic devices is generally of 16 to 18 carat. Broken or damaged gold jewellery and coins also contain scrap gold and can be sold for decent money if they are of no use to you.