Gold Rate in Delhi Today - Search For Current Price Per Gram

Gold Rate in Delhi Today – Search For Current Price Per Gram

Not only in india but throughout the world gold is renowned as one of the most precious metals that everyone is fond so fond of and that is why in most indian families gold has always been a prominent form of investment. In indian traditions and culture from decades of generations gold is used as a significant way of building wealth and then transferring it to next generations. Even though these days we have plethora of options available in different forms of money investment but still gold is preferred as number one investment option by Indian people. In india gold is not considered as mere investment source but it also holds significant value in traditions as they love wearing jewellery on auspicious occasions and festivals.

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Date 22 Carat (Per 10 Gms.) 24 Carat (Per 10 Gms.)
Today's Price Rs. 28780/- Rs. 30780.75/-

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Even though New Delhi is the capital city of India and not considered to be the economic capital but still it comes under one of the largest gold trading cities in India. Millions of rupees are transacted everyday in Delhi for buying and selling gold by traders, investors and local citizens who buy jewellery and in that situation having updated data of gold rate in Delhi is always handy for all of us. On this page our market expert editors will be providing most accurate and timely updated today’s gold price per gram in rupees offered by jewellers, banks and traders in Delhi city. These prices will categorised under 24 Carat, 22 Carat and 916 pure gold with week long in-depth rate analysis.

Frequently going upwards rates of gold has always attracted people’s attention because it brings investment opportunity for them. Having an outstanding history of excellent price appreciation and good returns on investment makes it an ideal option for those who are looking for long term investment in gold. There are several domestic and international market related reasons that contribute to ever changing rates of gold in Delhi and other cities in India as well. Domestic factors such as State/Center taxes, import duties, and transportation costs plays an important role in deciding current gold price. Countries like India and China who do not have natural resources for gold mining, these factors directly affect prices in such countries because they have to import their gold supplies from other nations which is expensive. Given the reason India impose high taxes and duty charges on Gold import to reduce overall import, this result in higher price of gold in India.

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Most developed countries like USA, UK, Australia, and several other in Europe keep their gold reserves in respective central banks which is in huge number and almost covers 90% of all the gold mined ever in the history. This high amount of gold reserve leads to higher prices because it causes insufficient supply problem. Even though there is no direct involvement of these central banks to affect international gold rates but occasionally when they announce to buy or sell their gold reserve it directly affects international price because they trade in large numbers.

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Dollar rate for Indian Rupee conversion also affects Delhi gold rates, because in international markets value of gold in denoted in US dollar currency. So when the rupee value becomes weak against dollar, gold rates are bound to get higher in India. That is also one of the reason why Indians prefer buying gold from the US or Dubai because they get relatively cheaper prices in these countries.

Additionally current spot gold price in Delhi is also affected by demand and production scenarios. Given the fact gold is purchased in huge number in bigger countries like China, India, Brazil and US, economic uncertainty in these countries also have its impact on gold rates. Besides festival season, and investment trends also have their say in price fixing. On the other hand gold mining cost are also increasing every passing day because they have to mine deeper nowadays for gold as all the early bird easy gold is already mined.

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