Gold Rate in Ajmer - Get Latest Prices in 22K and 24K Carat

Gold Rate in Ajmer – Get Latest Prices in 22K and 24K Carat

The importance of Ajmer city in Rajasthan and India’s tourism scenario is immense because every year millions of tourist around the globe visit this city to experience the rich culture and cultural heritage places like “Pushkar”,“Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti’s Dargah” and several other places. However, the city is also known for its gold jewellery designs that are influenced by tribal culture of Rajasthan. Ajmer is the 5th largest city in the state and after Jaipur, it is the city where everyday millions of rupees are transacted in business of Gold coin, bricks, and jewelries. Therefore it is important for the citizens in the city to know the live gold rates in Ajmer to get the maximum benefit out of their gold purchases.

Date 22 Carat (Per 10 Gms.) 24 Carat (Per 10 Gms.)
31/12/2014 Rs. 25340/- Rs. 27170/-
29/12/2014 Rs. 25365/- Rs. 27150/-
28/12/2014 Rs. 25110/- Rs. 27140/-
27/12/2014 Rs. 25360/- Rs. 27120/-
26/12/2014 Rs. 25350/- Rs. 27110/-
25/12/2014 Rs. 25140/- Rs. 26890/-
24/12/2014 Rs. 25180/- Rs. 26930/-
23/12/2014 Rs. 25280/- Rs. 26990/-
22/12/2014 Rs. 25430/- Rs. 27200/-
21/12/2014 Rs. 25480/- Rs. 27250/-
20/12/2014 Rs. 25330/- Rs. 27090/-
19/12/2014 Rs. 25430/- Rs. 27200/-
30/12/2014 Rs. 25390/- Rs. 27160/-

Important markets in the city such as Alwar gate, Ramganj, Bhajan Ganj, Mayo Collage Road, Madar Gate, Purani Mandi boast of top quality gold jewellery shops where you can purchase 24 Carat pure gold at competitive market prices. Popular jewellers in Ajmer include PC Jewellers, Tanishq, Kalyan Jewellers, Om Abhushan Bhandar and hundreds of local shops where you may have the opportunity to bargain at MRP price and buy purest form of gold. Gold prices in each city of India are usually the same, but they may differ depending on several local factors, so we’d request you check with the local jeweller before you go ahead for your purchase.

Gold Rates Ajmer

Given below is table for Ajmer’s Gold Rates which are categorized under 10 Gms (per Tola). Please make sure these are frequently updated prices, therefore you may have to ask the particular local jeweller about their own prices offered. In case you can looking for gold coin rates in the city, please refer to the same prices.