Gold Rate in Agra Today - Live & Latest Price of 24K and 22K

Gold Rate in Agra Today – Live & Latest Price of 24K and 22K

Agra is a city of beautiful monuments, birthplace of the Din-e Ilahi religion and Radha swami faith, the city has witnessed many important historic events. In 1835, presidency was established under British. Though, if we go back to explore historic linkages of the city, vividness of cultures including Runukta of Hinduism, Shauripur of Jainism and reign of Akbar that promoted Islamic culture also flourished. In the epic Mahabharata, the city is mentioned as significant place though its history is largely associated with Mughal Empire. Known as City on the Banks of the River Yamuna, (one of the most popular rivers that occupies religious richness as per Hindu mythology), Agra is known as to be found in the year 1504 by Sultan Sikandar lodi.

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Date 22 Carat (Per 10 Gms.) 24 Carat (Per 10 Gms.)
Today's Price Rs. 28780/- Rs. 30780.75/-

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Located in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, It’s the city that provides residence and work opportunity to more than a crore people. Historical richness of the city is what makes it one of the lucrative tourist destination, especially for foreigners who visit India to explore splendid Mughal Era monuments and architecture. The popularity of the city also derives from the fact that Agra’s heritage sites such as Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri and Agra fort are included in UNESCO world heritage sites. An administrative district, city is 125 km away from the capital, Delhi and proudly occupies place in Golden Triangle Tourist Circuit along with Jaipur.

Agra Gold RateInfluenced by the Mughal empire, the golden age of city came under emperors like Shah jahan, Jahangir and Akbar. The Great Red Fort and Taj Mahal both are the symbol of increased towering ramparts under Mughal emperors. Not only these emperors improved outlook of the city by establishing buildings which are now popular as heritage sites. But also, increased trade activity including gold trading which seems to be the most popular business notion during the golden age. Even today, premium quality range of jewellery is manufactured in Agra, serving highly valuable clients. Manufacturers over here are still occupying credibility and serve stunning gold jewellery to glorify or imitate richness of Mughal era.

Given below is the table of hourly updated gold rate in Agra city for 24K and 22K gold. Jewellery prices can be different depending on shops where you are purchasing them from, but these rates are accurate for purchase of Gold coins, bricks, or bullion.

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Since the time of Mughal Empire and Marathas, manufacturing of diamond and gold jewellery became popular trading and business option for small or large traders. The craftsmanship of gold jewelry in Agra performed by labors having years of experience, is what keeps the richness of the royal era alive. Gold and diamond jewellery was an important aspect of dressing for both Mughal emperors and Marathas kings that gave rise to the manufacturing of highly detailed, stunning gold and diamond jewellery in Agra. The heritage of manufacturing outstanding gold jewelry can be seen in the craftsmanship performed by jewelry makers, who received the art of making royal gold jewellery from their predecessors.

Even today, exclusive collection of gold rings consisting of intricate designs and craftsmanship has been cherished by many who purchased gold jewelry. Stylish, comfortable to wear, and teamed with intriguing stones, gold jewelry in Agra is available for all occasions. Availability of manufacturer, exporter, trader and supplier, that focuses on strict management of skilled workers is what brings professional touch in gold jewelry production in Agra. Durable and compatible gold rings, pendants and other jewelry is huge in demand in Agra market. That is the reason the both buyers and manufacturers religiously follow gold price in Agra to keep a check on perfect time to buy gold for investment or other purpose.

Gold jewelry supplier in Agra like AKRITI JEWELLERS specialised in women’s gold rings. AB. JEWELS, is also one popular supplier with years of experience in trading gold jewellery in the city. KRUTI ART JEWELLERS, KKM GOLD, RISHABH GOLD JEWELS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED, specializes in gold ladies rings with dangling gold balls and offers various other designs with intricate filigree work. However, SHRI GANNPATI JEWELLERS, EXOTIC COLLECTIONS WORLD, ABDUL ALEEM PANDU JEWELLERS, AGRAWAL JEWELLERS, ARROW GOLD, BISHWANATH GEMS & JEWELLERS PVT. LTD., specializes in manufacturing designer gold gents rings.

Other suppliers and traders that offers both men gold rings as well as gold rings for ladies are DIAMOND HUT INDIA PVT. LTD., KALPANA JEWELLERS, MTV JEWELLERS PRIVATE LIMITED. One can also find gold suppliers or manufactures in Agra to begin with the gold jewelry business specializes in gold pendants. SHRI GANNPATI JEWELLERS, OSSOM ARTS ENTERTAINMENT PVT. LTD., are two popular names that offers designer gold pendants in various patterns and ranges in Agra.

List of Hallmark jewellery Shops in Agra

If you are willing to purchase hallmark jewelry in Agra then reviewing given below manufacturerís rating can help you in finding suitable option. For further convenience we have also provided address of the shop owners with other details.

  • Gitanjali Jewels Gold & Precious is located at No. 4 & 5, Church Road, Agra – 282002
  • Gopal Kishor Jewellers, Firozabad, Sadar Bazaar, Agra – 282001
  • Kohinoor Jewellers, Shop 41, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Agra – 282002
  • Laxmi Beauty Collection, Shop No 5, A K Complex, Opposite Sector-9, Rajapur, Agra – 282007
  • MA Exports, 69, Natraj Puram, Kamla Nagar, Agra – 282005
  • Maya Retail Ltd, 171-B, Bypass Road, Agra – 282005
  • Shri Balaji Jewellers, Rajapur 21, Bodla Sikandra, Agra – 282007
  • Choori Mahal, 16-a, Kamla Place, (Ist Floor), Kamla Nagar, Mau Road, Agra – 282002
  • Bhagwati Complex, Shop 4, 2nd Floor, Mau Road, Agra – 282002
  • Jaisons Chains, Hospital Road, 13/1, Kinari Bazar, Agra – 282003
  • Jay Ambe Jewellers, Church Road, 3/283, Opposite Garg Medical Complex, Dhakran Crossing
    Khushi Jewellers, UD-10A, Hariom Complex, Kamla Nagar, Agra – 282005
  • Krishna Gopal & Mukesh Babu Jewellers, Mantola
    Kinari Bazaar Crossing, Kinari Bazar, Mantola, Agra – 282003
  • Laxmi Beauty Collection, Rajapur, Shop No 5, A K Complex, Opposite Sector-9, Rajapur, Agra – 282007
  • Maheshwari Gift Shop, Shakya Market, Near Madras Cafe, Kamla Nagar, Agra – 282005
  • Pradeep Anmol Jewellers, 14/69, Agra – 282003
  • Shree Ram Jewellers, Johri Bazar, Agra – 282003