Best Auspicious Days To Buy Gold

Best Auspicious Days To Buy Gold

Buying gold on precious days, is one of the oldest rituals followed by Hindus since ages. According to many Hindu believe buying gold on specific days like Makar sakranti festival that falls every year in the month of January brings good fortune. In the month of January, there is one another auspicious day on which buying gold jewelry, or any kind of gold such as gold coins, gold bars, gold pendants is considered lucky. Gurupushyamrit Day for new ventures that comes in January is one such auspicious day.

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Gurupushyamrit Day may also fall in the month of February according to Hindu religion, which is suitable for buying gold. Gudi Padwa Maharashtrian that falls in the month of April is one of the popular days among Hindus on which buying gold is considered as one of the best deeds to bring prosperity in home and workplace. Many Hindus buy gold jewelry on Akshaya Tritiya and even wait for this day in the year, for investing in gold. According to many Hindu believes gold invokes prosperity and buying it on Akshaya tritiya multiplies Mahalaxmi agman (monetary flow) and bring prosperity in the life of the buyer.

Auspicious Days For Buying Gold

Apart from this, buying gold on other auspicious days such as navdurga pujan at the end of Navratri that falls twice in a year is considered lucky. Many people also buy gold on Dussera festival which is one of the very popular festival for Hindus. Buying gold on Dussera recalls the victory of RAMA according to Hindu Mythology. Moreover, those who donít buy gold on dussera may find Dhanteras as one of the most auspicious days throughout the whole year as it is believed that ëdhaní means laxmi and ëterasí means thirteen times more. Every Hindu buy gold on Dhanteras mainly to invoke prosperity and receive blessings from ëgoddess of moneyí ëmahalaxmií.

The demand of gold on dhanteras certainly goes high which is why, this day seems to be the most auspicious days for gold retailers as well. However, investors may avoid investing in gold on dhanteras as the price of gold due to high in demand tremendously goes high. Both on Akshaya Tritiya and Dhanteras, buying gold is extremely famous among Hindus and this ritual has been followed by Hindus generations after generations.

Balipratipada that falls in the month of October, buying gold is good as per Hindu Mythology. However, during the period of Shradh buying gold is considered extremely inauspicious and unlucky. Many gold retailers focuses on above mentioned days and plans marketing initiatives to sell more gold on these days. Though a smart investment move is to buy gold when the gold price is quite low as compared to these popular auspicious days according to Hindu calendar.